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FishMET - 300Mbps Metropolitan Ethernet Services

Commencing services in January 2019, Fish Telecom has added a new service offering to its service catalogue: FishMET.

FishMET is an ultra high-speed Internet broadband service, available to select buildings within the Wollongong area.


The FishMET service has been built to surpass the current broadband speeds offered to businesses in Wollongong. The service is offered as a symmetrical 300Mbps broadband service, that businesses in Wollongong can depend upon, without breaking the budget.

Benefits of FishMET as follows:

  • Wireline Speeds - FishMET is offered at a speed of 300Mbps, approximately 3x faster than some other broadband technologies.
  • Low Latency - Our wireless technology has low latency, ensuring timely responses to the Internet.
  • Flat Rate Pricing - FishMET is provided as a flat rate product, with no quotas or excess data fees. No need to stress.
  • Public IP Addresses - All clients are assigned public IP Internet addresses.
  • Local Support - Like you, we are local! We're here to help and support your business.
  • Account Manager Assigned - An account manager is assigned to you to ensure accountability for your service.

To find out more information, please call us on (02) 4225 8767, or email us on

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