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FishRELAY - Ethernet Relay Services

Commencing services in July 2018, Fish Telecom has added a new service offering to its service catalogue: FishRELAY.

FishRELAY transparently delivers your Ethernet packets across the Fish Telecom IP network (and what is commonly known as Layer 2 transport).


The FishRELAY service has been built specifically to allow businesses to move their server/business systems out of their current offices, and in to a controlled space (such as a data centre), yet seamlessly integrate with their existing network. FishRELAY can also be ideally used for connecting two or more offices together. FishRELAY seamlessly delivers your business data from your office, to co-located business servers or another office; at wireline speeds.

Benefits of FishRELAY as follows:

  • Peace Of Mind - When ordered in conjuction with FishDC, you have peace of mind knowing that your business critical infrastructure is located in a carrier class, state of the art controlled environment facility, and not the spare room in your offices.
  • Wireline Speeds - Speeds of 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, or 300Mbps are available; to ensure that your business can access the infrastructure as fast as if it had remained on your premises.
  • Complete Network Transparency - Your data is delivered directly "end to end" without the need for you to do any routing, or changes to your network topology or business systems. The Ethernet packets from your servers are 'packaged' and delivered to you directly over the Fish network to your door. It's as if the systems were still in your office.
  • No Need To Renumber - Because FishRELAY is an Ethernet relay service, there is no need for you to re-number (change the IP addresses) of your critical business systems. They can continue operating on their current IP addresses without any changes necessary.
  • Low Latency - Our wireless technology has low latency, ensuring timely responses from your office, to your business systems (or remote offices).
  • Network Resiliency - When coupled with FishPROTECT, access to your business critical systems or remote offices remains robust, with 4G failover redundancy within 10 seconds of a network outage on the main link.
  • Extensive Reach - The Fish Telecom network as at 2018 has over 20 base stations & network locations throughout the Illawarra. Most customer locations can be reached via the current wireless network.

To find out more information, please call us on (02) 4225 8767, or email us on

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