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FishTBS - Temporary Broadband Services

FishTBS is a temporary high speed broadband service, available throughout the Illawarra. The target market is businesses and organisations that require temporary broadband services for an event, trade show, or function. An account manager and project manager works with you to ensure the proper planning for your event, ensuring that adequate Internet is available to meet your bespoke requirements.

FishTBS is ideally suited for larger events when traditional wireless technologies tend to not perform at optimal levels due to the large number of people in attendance.

Benefits of FishTBS as follows:

  • High Speeds - A Fish Telecom microwave feeder is deployed for your specific location, delivering high speed data transfers.
  • Event Planning - Our team works with you to ensure adequate coverage for your bespoke business requirements.
  • Equipment Lease - Equipment is leased to you throughout the period of your event, so as to reduce your CAPEX costs.
  • Public IP Addresses - Temporary public IP assignments (up to /25) can be provided for your event.
  • HyperCare Support - Our team is on hand to assist you with any issues that may occur, with fast response and resolution.
  • Account Manager Assigned - An account manager is assigned to you to ensure accountability for your service.

To find out more information, please call us on (02) 4225 8767, or email us on

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