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Our Story

Local Inspiration

Established in 1998 during the peak of dial-up Internet, Fish Telecom was established to help drive down the costs for Internet services for the people of the Illawarra. Designed specifically to serve families and businesses within the local Illawarra area, our key goals were and remain to provide employment locally, use up-to-date systems, and maintain corporate independence.

Local Knowledge

On the 20th October 1998, we commenced the operation of our first dial-up product – FishDIAL. In 2003, we launched FishCONNECT. Armed with local knowledge of the Illawarra terrain, and four years before 3G would roll out nation-wide; we provided fixed Wireless Broadband Internet access to Wollongong businesses and residents alike. By 2003, Fish Telecom had become the region’s premier provider of bespoke Internet solutions to those left stranded by traditional Internet technologies. Our unique knowledge of the region has also allowed us to provide agile solutions to businesses and events.

Local Ownership

As with many of those who call the Illawarra home, we remain resilient. In the midst of the ‘Dot-Com’ crash of 2000, and the global financial crisis of 2008, we have continued to trade and even grow. Even in tough times, Fish Telecom remains the region’s only locally owned and operated supplier of broadband services and is proud to privately service many of the regions leading brands.

Next time you require Internet Services or need a change – consider us.

We’re just like you. We’re Fish Telecom.

About our Logo

Our logo was designed to reflect aspects of the company and the Illawarra region. It has evolved over time.

The current logo represents the mountains of our region. The green to blue shading represent that our region sits between the mountains and the sea.

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