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Fish Telecom commenced operations in 1998 with a vision to build an Internet company that was "built to last" and serve the local Illawarra market. Our key goals from the outset were to employ locally, use up-to-date enterprise systems, deploy dial-up and wireless services and maintain corporate independence.

We began business in 1998 with our dial up product, FishDial. In 1999, well in advance of ADSL and 3G, we introduced Wireless Broadband Internet access to Wollongong businesses and residents alike. By 2003, Fish Telecom had become the region's premier provider of bespoke Internet access solutions to businesses stranded by traditional Internet technologies.

We have traded, and even grown, through the tough times, like the "dot com" crash of 2000 and the global financial crisis of 2008. As a result Fish Telecom remains the region's only locally owned and operated supplier of couture broadband services and is proud to privately service many of the region's leading brands.

We remain privately owned and our focus remains unchanged to "build local, buy local and employ local".

So, next time you are thinking of purchasing Internet services consider us - we're just like you - we're Fish Telecom.

About our Logo

Our logo was designed to reflect aspects of the company and the Illawarra region.

On a superficial level, the waves represent the waves of the ocean that define our Illawarra beaches and the green triangular shape is symbolic of the escarpment that overlooks the Illawarra. At a more abstract level, the waves represent our solid investment in wireless technology and the green triangular shape represents the exponential decay of a typical radio signal defined mathematically.

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