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FishMIMO Fixed Wireless Broadband

FishMIMO Fixed Wireless Broadband is an Internet broadband service which gives you an "always on", lightning fast Internet connection. However instead of using a phone line or cable, FishMIMO uses radio technology to connect your home or office.


No contracts

FishMIMO gives you freedom! You are not locked into any unfair or lengthy contract meaning you won't be paying for outdated technologies or high fees years after you connect. With FishMIMO you're free to switch from plan to plan as you see fit, without a contract! Find out more about FishMIMO plans

No need for a telephone line

FishMIMO Fixed Wireless Broadband is a high-speed Internet service delivered using radio technologies only. Coupled with a mobile phone, you no longer need to rely on a traditional telephone line, saving you money on line rental and calls.

Ultra fast

FishMIMO delivers Internet to you at mind blowing speeds!

Available in areas traditional broadband cannot reach

Because we are a local, independant, privately owned telecommunications company, we are able to deploy broadband in a flexible way to areas which have in the past not been able to receive broadband.

FishMIMO is currently available in many parts of the Illawarra region. Areas currently covered including from Thirroul to Corrimal, and the Mt Nebo area in Figtree.
Find out more about WDSL coverage

How it Works

How does FishMIMO work?

FishMIMO uses wireless radio technologies to deliver broadband Internet to your residence. The FishMIMO modem connects to a base station to give your computers a high speed Internet connection.

FishMIMO operates without telephone lines so you will never have to dial up for an Internet connection again. That means you can explore the web whenever you want without being frustrated by busy telephone line signals or disconnections.

Get Connected!

To connect to FishMIMO, please call us on (02) 4225 8767.

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