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About the wireless technology

FishMIMO Fixed Wireless Broadband is a proven method for delivering broadband to the home or business. The technology was designed with one primary objective - to deliver a superior broadband experience in areas stranded by ADSL.

FishMIMO combines the frequency re-use efficiencies (just like 4G mobile data networks) with the torrential data capacities of Fast Ethernet (just like LANs at your work). Through the process of ultra short development cycles, a prototype "cellular style" broadband access system was demonstrated in 2000 at Fish Telecom. The following picture depicts the network architecture that the engineers saw as a solution before FishMIMO was rolled out across the Illawarra.


This artist's impression represented a revolutionary approach to the "last mile" dilemma (i.e. limited availability of high speed data in the last mile to thousands of people).

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