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What makes FishMIMO different?

Say goodbye to monthly telephone line rental

FishMIMO broadband is delivered using wireless radio technology. This means you can say goodbye to your crackly telephone line, and the monthly line rental.

No Contracts

FishMIMO broadband is a no contracts broadband so it makes it easier for you to take off! You are not locked into any unfair or lengthy contract meaning so you won't be paying interest on outdated technologies years after you connect.

Available in areas traditional broadband cannot reach

Unfortunately many residences in the past were not able to receive ADSL services. Now, FishMIMO is available in most areas where traditional broadband technologies fail to service. Furthermore WDSL coverage is always increasing with particular focus on stranded suburbs.

Great allowances

All of our current plans have at least 200GB of quota per month. This gives you greater freedom to be able to enjoy the Internet without fear of running out of data anytime soon. And because we only count downloaded data, you get even greater value.

Network Independence

Unlike other Internet service providers, Fish Telecom builds, operates and owns its own telecommunications network. We do not rely on other carriers to connect you to us. This means a greater level of service to you.

* Subject to sufficient coverage being available to supply a reliable service.

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