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FishCONNECT Point to Point Solutions

FishCONNECT is a high speed Internet broadband carriage service offered by Fish Telecom for businesses throughout the Illawarra.

Utilizing high band radio transmitters and properly designed radio link margins, FishCONNECT extends the global Internet to any business organization.

FishCONNECT is delivered via a point to point 5GHz Microwave radio link. The point to point architecture allows for far greater speeds and reliability as there are no access contention issues that arise. Point to point links also have higher signal to noise ratios meaning speeds are at their highest potential all of the time.

The current Fish Telecom Illawarra transmission network extends from Woonona in the north to Shellharbour in the south. This means most businesses in the Illawarra can qualify for a FishCONNECT solution.

As a service for all FishCONNECT clients, Fish Telecom can arrange for IP address allocation applications through APNIC on behalf of the client. So long as clients can substantiate their IP address requirements as per APNIC rules, Fish Telecom can arrange for IP address allocations to be made available for the end client. As an added bonus, clients can elect to run BGP4 with Fish Telecom should the client request to do so.

Access speeds of FishCONNECT can be provisioned from 50Mbps symmetrical, up to 300Mbps symmetrical.

Pricing of FishCONNECT is composed of two charges: an initial upfront establishment fee and ongoing access fees.

For more information, please call us on (02) 4225 8767.

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