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FishPROTECT - Protected Broadband Services

FishPROTECT is a protected broadband service offered by Fish Telecom.

FishPROTECT uses an underlying FishCONNECT service and also a 3G or DSL backup service. This mesh of access technologies ensures that a service is available to the customer regardless of network outage on any one given service.

FishPROTECT is ideally suited for business organisations whose Internet communications facilities is crucial to the daily operation of their business.

For business customers who require the upmost uptime, the service can be presented using two routers utilising the hot standby protocol.

One of the benefits of a FishPROTECT service is that the Fish Telecom assigned IP address range will function on both the primary and backup service, ensuring seamless transition from one broadband access technology to the other.

If you would like to explore upgrading your current FishCONNECT service to FishPROTECT, or would like to enquire about a new FishPROTECT service, please call us on (02) 4225 8767 for more information.

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