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When will WDSL be available in my suburb?

Fish Telecom does not announce in advance when suburbs will be activated with WDSL. Please note that priority is being given to suburbs stranded by ADSL. Public announcements are made on Fish Telecom's homepage as soon as WDSL is deployed in a new suburb. Building a new and completely independent telecommunications network takes years so Fish Telecom thanks all interested parties for their patience as Fish Telecom remains committed to the region. We encourage interested customers to Register their interest.

When should I inform my current ISP that I have left their service and switched to WDSL?

Fish Telecom recommends to wait until your WDSL service has been installed and is working. As such do not disconnect any current ISP accounts, extra telephone line accounts, dial up networking settings or email addresses to your home, until you are satisfied that the WDSL service is operating acceptably.

Can you give me details of somebody in my suburb that already has a WDSL connection?

No. Federal privacy laws prohibit this. As such we closely guard client's personal details and will never divulge this information under any circumstances. If you would like a referal from one of our clients, you could perhaps try contacting them though an online forum such as Whirlpool.

Do I get a credit for the dial-up hours I have already paid for with Fish Telecom?

Yes. Once you have connected your WDSL service and are satisfied with the performance, drop us an email to and we can arrange for your existing hours to be liquidated and credited to your WDSL account. Please include your existing FishDial username and also the full name and location of the WDSL account to be credited. These funds will be used as a credit for the next renewal of your account.

Which operating systems does WDSL support?

While many different operating systems and software can be used with your Fish Telecom connection, due to security issues with older operating systems Fish Telecom will only give Internet connection telephone support for customers with computers running Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Apple Mac OS X. Unfortunately unsupported platforms means your WDSL connection will become an open target for virii, worm and hacker attacks since Microsoft and Apple will no longer provide the patches and updates that mitigate the effects of virus and worm attacks.

Is this fixed wireless technology safe from radiation and adverse health effects?


How fast is WDSL?

There are a number of different factors involved in the overall speed you will experience while using WDSL.

  • Line speed
    Line speed refers to the actual bandwidth you can transfer over your connection.

  • Latency and congestion
    Latency is an expression of how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another. There are two areas of latency that can affect your WDSL experience.

    The first area is the latency of Fish Telecom. The wireless technology used on WDSL has an extremely low latency, but can be affected by network contention. A typical latency for WDSL would be between 5-80ms. Fish Telecom's latency is also affected by the combined congestion of the Fish Telecom network, generally determined by the time of day. Peak hours tend to be around 9am-11am and 4pm-10pm. However having said all this, Fish Telecom employs experienced network engineers who constantly monitor and optimize the performance of the network, and so this latency is generally kept to a minimum.

    The second area is the latency of transit and destination Internet networks, and is out of Fish Telecom's control. Different parts of the world are affected at different times of day and at different congestion levels. For example, a website in the US may load slower at 11am Australian time (the US evening) than it will at 7pm Australian time (US night).

  • User's computer
    If you have a slow or old computer, this can affect the overall percieved speed of the service. It is recommended that users have an up to date computer, a current operating system, and follow all the recommendations on our Security page to avoid unwanted usage of the connection

Given all these factors, we generally advise that on non-Freedom plans, customers will experience speeds of between 128kbit/sec (16 kbyte/sec) and 4000 kbit/sec (500 kbytes/sec).

How many computers can I share off a WDSL connection at home?

The equipment used allows for many computers to be connected to a single WDSL connection. You can networks up to 100 PC's.

Can I take my WDSL modem to a friends house?

Yes. You will need to inform Fish Telecom however of where it will go so that it can be added for security reasons.

Is WDSL affected by rain or other adverse weather conditions?

No, you can expect WDSL to function properly in reasonable climates including rain, fog and wind.

Is it possible to hack the WDSL radio interface?

No. WDSL runs a security layer between your PC and our Internet servers that locks out intruders attempting to hack the radio interface.

Can I leave Kazaa and other file sharing software switched on permanently?

Fish Telecom recommends you SWITCH OFF all file sharing software including Kazaa after you finish using it. If you leave Kazaa on then YOU will become the source for free uploads and other people will get free files at your expense as all the uploads will slow down your downloads.

How many email addresses do I get with Fish Telecom?

Fish Telecom no longer provides email accounts. We encourage our customers to take up the many free email providers available on the Internet.


Do you have a facility for me to check how many Mb I've up/downloaded to date in the current month, or do i have to wait until i get the bill to discover I've exceeded the limit?

You can check your usage in the 'My Account' area. It updates every 10 minutes.

I don't have a credit card, is there another payment scheme like eftpos/cash/cheque available on WDSL?

No. The WDSL service operates a direct debit credit card only billing system. We currently accept VISA, MasterCard, BankCard, American Express and Diners Club. Please note that 'Visa Debit' cards are considered to be acceptable as a form of payment.

Can i use a friends/relatives credit card if I don't have a credit card and still want WDSL?

No. The WDSL account holder must also be the owner of a valid credit card.

What happens when the download limit is reached?

The billing system does not charge for data used beyond the soft limit of your plan. Instead the billing system rate shapes the connection down to the designated shaping speed until the commencement of the next billing month. This ensures you have an unlimited connection to the Internet as promised and it ensures you dont get nasty over quota charges.

Are the prices quoted for monthly access, or for the minimum 3 months period?

Prices are quoted per month so it is easier to compare Fish Telecom's offerings with ADSL technology. However unlike ADSL, Fish Telecom does not have lock-in contracts or modem relocation fees. Fish Telecom simply charges for monthly plans in lots of 3 months to save you on credit card transaction fees and this is done in advance of the quarter it will be used. It's prepaid broadband without the lock-in contracts and the sneaky over quota charges.

Are there any other charges eg ISP charges, Phone line charges, Charges for downloads after the limit is reached?

There are no ISP, phone line nor excess download charges in WDSL.

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