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Security Tips

The following information is essential for keeping your computer secure while on the Internet. Fish Telecom highly recommends that users follow all of the advice given below.

Please be aware that Fish Telecom takes no responsibility for the user's security while on the Internet, and only offers these recommendations as a guide to assist the user.


Using a firewall is the single most effective way to stop worms from spreading. It acts as a barrier between your computer and the rest of the Internet. Fish Telecom highly recommends every customer use a firewall to ensure maximum protection for their PC.

If you run Windows XP, a firewall is already been built into your operating system. Follow the instructions found at to activate your firewall.

A number of other free firewalls exist, including the following:

  • ZoneAlarm
  • Sygate Personal firewall
  • Symantec Internet Security

which can be obtained from our software page.

Software updates

Numerous flaws can exist in your operating system and software, so it is important to keep your software up to date. With the poor track record of companies like Microsoft when it comes to security, it is imperitive that you protect your computer by making sure that you have the latest updates available for your operating system, software, and hardware.

Windows Updates

Update your Windows operating system by going to the Windows Update site at Windows Update scans your computer and provides you with a selection of updates that you should install.

You can set up Windows to automatically tell you when new updates are available and let you download and install them. To set up your computer for Automatic Updates follow the steps available at

Windows XP Service Pack 2 is a large security update for Windows XP. If it is inconvenient to download, you can order the Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD from Microsoft at

Other Software Updates

Keeping your other software up to date is just as important, as flaws exist in software that can compromise your security. Check the websites of software that you use reguarly to ensure that you are using the most up to date version. Microsoft Office updates are available at

Virus Protection

Antivirus software helps protect your computer against viruses. Viruses are programs can cause damage to your computer software. Viruses can spread through email, file sharing programs, instant messenger programs or files that you download from the Internet.

Installing antivirus software will only protect you against previous security issues. To help keep your computer safe, you need to keep your antivirus software up to date. Most antivirus companies offer subscription services to ensure you get the latest updates.

For a good anti-virus program see the software page.

Spyware Protection

Spyware is a general term for a program that surreptitiously monitors your actions. While they are sometimes sinister, like a remote control program used by a hacker, software companies have been known to use spyware to gather data about customers.

Because of massive security flaws in Internet Explorer, you can get spyware by simply surfing the net. If you get a lot of pop-up ads appear on your desktop, or have a lot of toolbars in Internet Explorer, chances are you have spyware on your computer.

Fish Telecom highly recommends using a spyware remover reguarly to get rid of these malicious programs.

A number of free spyware removers exist, including the following:

  • Microsoft AntiSpyware
  • Lavasoft Ad-aware
  • SpyBot-Search & Destroy

which can be obtained from our software page.

Use an Alternative Browser

Because the most commonly used browser is Internet Explorer, it means that most virus and spyware attacks are aimed at this browser (it also doesn't help that Internet Explorer has a poor security track record). It can be very beneficial to use an alternative browser, as the less used browsers are also less targeted. These browsers also often have useful features and are easier to use.

Fish Telecom recommends the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera

which can be obtained from our software page.

More Information

More security advice can be found from:

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